Types Of Insulin

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Our body maintain blood sugar level by a hormone called insulin. Insulin is produced in a gland called as pancreas. The main function of pancreas is to regulate blood sugar levels in the body from time to time when ever body needs. The pancreas is a gland or part of the body that allows to regulation of blood sugar levels within the body. There are different types of insulin injections available in the market to be given outside of the body.

types of insulin

Short-acting insulin.

Short-acting insulin also called regular insulin, gives its effects within 30 minutes after injection commonly lasts for about 6-8 hours, and regulates blood sugar levels after meals. For long-lasting effects, it typically uses a combination of longer-acting effects to provide a more controlled blood sugar.

Short-acting insulin is typically injected simply before or after food. It’s critical to take the prescribed dosage at the correct time as directed by your doctor. Short-acting insulin may be administered with the use of a syringe, insulin pen, or a type of insulin pump. Before taking any treatment it is important to consult a medical doctor.

Rapid-acting insulin.

Short-acting insulin, as it works quickly to decrease blood sugar levels after food. It works within 15 minutes of injection and commonly lasts for 2-four hours. This kind of insulin is designed to give the same effects as natural insulin reaction to meal consumption, helping to save you spikes in blood sugar.

Short-performing insulin is frequently utilized in a mixture with longer-performing insulin to offer comprehensive blood sugar manipulation during the day. It could be administered with the usage of a syringe, insulin pen, or insulin pump. Remember to consult with your doctor for personalized advice on handling your diabetes and to determine the right dosage and timing for rapid-performing insulin.

Omnipod insulin pump.

The Omnipod insulin pump is a very good option for many humans with diabetes. It is tubeless, it can be a wearable insulin machine that provides non-stop insulin infusion. The pump consists of a small, waterproof pod that is worn on the body and is managed wirelessly with the usage of a hand-held device called a private Diabetes supervisor (PDM).


The Omnipod device gives comfort and flexibility, to the diabetic patient to effortlessly manage their insulin shipping without the need for a couple of every day injections. It makes use of rapid-performing insulin and gives customizable alternatives to satisfy a person’s wishes. The pod is simple and can be worn on various components of the frame, supplying freedom of motion and reducing the load of managing diabetes. As constantly, it is crucial to discuss with a doctor to avoid any side effects.

Regular insulin injection.

Normal insulin, also known as short-acting insulin. It is injected to help control blood sugar levels. It starts acting within 30 minutes and lasts for approximately 6-8 hours. The main function of this is to reduce blood sugar after having food.

Normal insulin may be administered using a syringe, insulin pen, or insulin pump. It is very important to keep in mind the prescribed dosage and timing instructions advised by your doctors. They can offer you the best dosage for normal insulin injections.

Pen-type insulin injection.

Pen-kind insulin injection is a type of insulin pen that is a convenient and smooth-to-use device that can be designed to maintain insulin cartridges. They have to choose the favored dose and a button to deliver the insulin.

Insulin pens are a popular option for humans with diabetes as they offer the correction of insulin transport. They are available in reusable and disposable alternatives. Reusable pens require the alternative of insulin cartridges, at the same time as disposable pens are pre-crammed and discarded after use. Insulin pens offer an extra convenient and transportable alternative to conventional syringe injections.

It’s essential to seek advice from your doctors to determine the right sort of insulin and pen for your unique needs. They can provide usage and dosage in the correct amount.

Benefits of insulin infections.

Insulin injections offer numerous benefits for managing diabetes:

Increasing your mental health will ultimately increase your body to grow healthy naturally. Consider, that it’s important to consult with your physician or doctors to determine the proper insulin method and dose for you.


Insulinis a hormone that facilitates the modification of blood sugar levels in the frame. It is very commonly used as a remedy for diabetes. Insulin injections are a common technique for administering insulin. There are specific forms of insulin, together with rapid-acting, quick-appearing, intermediate-acting, and long-acting insulin. The sort of insulin prescribed relies upon character wishes and blood sugar control goals.

Insulin injections are generally given the usage of insulin pens or syringes. Insulin pumps are another alternative for insulin transport. It’s vital to work intently with a healthcare expert like a doctor to determine the right form of insulin and dosage for your unique wishes. They could guide injection techniques, timing, and monitoring blood sugar levels.
Keep in mind, that insulin injections are a crucial part of diabetes control, and with proper care and help, you may successfully control your blood sugar levels.

Diawhiz is an Indian Health Tech Company Which is Founded With a Motive to Control Diabetes in Multi Disciplinary Approach by a Team of Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Psychologists, Certified Dieticians, Fitness, Yoga Trainers and Counsellors .

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Diawhiz is an Indian Health Tech Company Which is Founded With a Motive to Control Diabetes in Multi Disciplinary Approach by a Team of Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Psychologists, Certified Dieticians, Fitness, Yoga Trainers and Counsellors .

What We Offer

Head Office

Hyderabad, India

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