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Pregnant people only have one type of diabetes, called gestational diabetes. This indicates that gestational diabetes can only present itself while a woman is pregnant. Elevated blood sugar levels that either appear during pregnancy or are first discovered during this time frame characterise this illness.

Your body uses insulin in a different way while you are pregnant. Insulin is a hormone that makes it easier for your cells to absorb and use glucose, or sugar, for energy.

pregnancy diabetes diet chart

Your body naturally becomes more resistant to insulin throughout pregnancy to provide a greater supply of glucose for the needs of your unborn child.

However, in some people, this process can go awry, resulting in either decreased insulin sensitivity or inadequate insulin synthesis to meet your glucose needs. When this happens, extra sugar builds up in your system and causes the onset of gestational diabetes.

What food should you choose to eat?

Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet while coping with gestational diabetes may make it possible to manage symptoms without the need for medication.

In general, a well-balanced diet should include protein in addition to carbohydrates and lipids. A surplus of carbs can cause abrupt spikes in blood sugar.
If you’re craving carb-heavy treats, choose the more nutritious, complex variety; take into account legumes, whole grains, and nutrient-dense starchy veggies like sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes or are at risk of developing it, speak with your healthcare practitioner about working with a licenced dietitian who specialises in gestational diabetes or pregnancy nutrition.

A dietician can help you create meal plans that are customised to your tastes, ensuring the health and happiness of you and your baby by providing a variety of enticing meals.

Excellent Nutrition

Make an effort to consume meals that are heavy in protein, good fats, and dietary fibre. Reduce your intake of processed foods while putting more emphasis on eating fresh, healthy foods.

Having wholesome alternatives readily available at home can help people avoid temptation when presented with the appeal of french fries. Prioritising satiating foods, such as those high in protein, can also increase your feeling of fullness and lessen your propensity to crave unhealthy foods.

Controlling carbohydrate intake during pregnant

Recent study indicates that a diet containing fewer than 40% of total calories from carbohydrates is often beneficial in maintaining normal blood sugar levels, even if the tolerance for carbohydrates can vary greatly among pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

It’s vital to remember that your specific circumstances, including the use of medications, body weight, and blood sugar control, will determine your specific carbohydrate needs and tolerance.

Work together with your healthcare team, which should include your doctor and registered dietitian, to create a personalised strategy that will support the best blood sugar control you can have while pregnant and will be catered to your unique needs.

Gestational Diabetes: Healthy Snacks and Meals

If you have gestational diabetes, take into account these healthy snack and meal options to maintain stable blood sugar levels and prevent evening cravings:

These options offer crucial nutrients for a healthy pregnancy as well as blood sugar control.

Including Fruit in Your Diet if You Have Gestational Diabetes

Without a doubt, you can still eat fruit even if you have gestational diabetes, but moderation is key. If you’re unsure or need help tracking the amount of carbohydrates in the fruits you like, think about speaking with a qualified dietitian. Remember that your specific circumstances will determine your carbohydrate needs and tolerance.

Because they contain a lot of fibre and are often low in sugar, berries stand out as a fantastic option. Obtain plenty of them and you may include them in your diet in a number of different ways, such by blending them into a smoothie, combining them with yoghurt, or sprinkling them over whole grain

Dietary Decisions to Avoid

Even while giving up some of your favourite foods might not be fun, there are many scrumptious alternatives accessible. Avoiding highly processed foods like white bread and, generally, anything that contains too much sugar is advised in order to maintain a balanced diet.

For instance, watch out for and prevent the following:

Avoid these foods at all costs.

While giving up some luxuries may be difficult, it’s important to do so in order to promote your wellbeing. These consist of:

Potential Gestational Diabetes Complications

While gestational diabetes can cause issues for both you and your unborn child, its crucial to maintain your health by being informed and collaborating together with your medical team. By doing this, the likelihood that you may encounter particular problems is decreased. These potential problems include:

Excessive foetal development Your kid may put on extra weight as a result of elevated glucose levels in your body. A bigger baby can raise the possibility of a more difficult delivery because:

Gestational Diabetes' Effect on Health

If you have gestational diabetes, your risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy is increased. After childbirth, gestational diabetes typically goes away. However, some people may continue to have elevated blood sugar levels after giving birth, which could result in a type 2 diabetes diagnosis.
It’s s critical to realise that having gestational diabetes increases your risk for developing the condition as an adult as well as that of your unborn child. Following the birth, you will both undergo diabetes testing.

It’s important to talk with your healthcare practitioner about continuous care both before and after your baby is born in order to reduce the possibility of difficulties.

Final Thoughts

It’s s crucial to realise that even if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes throughout your pregnancy, you may still have a healthy pregnancy, labour, and delivery by following the right diet, exercise routine, and medical advice.

Start a discussion with your healthcare professional to figure out the best combination of nourishingfoods, safe physical activity, and suggested treatments. You may make sure of your own health and vigour as well as that of your child by doing this.

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Diawhiz is an Indian Health Tech Company Which is Founded With a Motive to Control Diabetes in Multi Disciplinary Approach by a Team of Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Psychologists, Certified Dieticians, Fitness, Yoga Trainers and Counsellors .

What We Offer

Head Office

Hyderabad, India

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