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Gestational diabetes is a kind of a condition which has been associated with the pregnancy period. As, gestational diabetes has the ability for the negative effect for the mother and her baby. Some medical theories have shown that following a healthier diet for a Gestational diabetes can be helpful for the mother to take control over the medical condition.

Gestational diabetes mellitus, which is also known as pregnancy diabetes in women and this is a type of a medical condition where a woman develops high sugar levels or diabetes during her pregnancy period. One of the three kinds of diabetes, Gestational diabetes might be occurring irrespective of whether the pregnant woman has been diabetic before or after the pregnancy.

As and how, it occurs in the people who never had diabetes before gestational diabetes during, pregnancy period does not also, not meant that, they will be having high blood sugar levels, after the delivery of the child. For many of the women, it does go away very soon after the delivery of the child. Unfortunately, if the pregnant woman has been diagnosed with the condition of gestational diabetes, they are more likely to have a higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes in the future.

Signs and symptoms

Many of the pregnant women do not experience or have any kinds of unusual signs or symptoms of gestational diabetes. This is the reason why some of the people do let go of gestational diabetes after being or being detected. Gynaecologists usually perform a gestational diabetes test at the end of the second trimester, which gives them the information about the absence or presence of the medical condition.

pregnancy diabetes diet chart

And on the other side, some of the pregnant women might be complaining about having mild symptoms, which closely resembles another form of diabetes. There are some of the signs and symptoms which could be led by:

Foods to be consumed

Each and every person is having their own method of what they should consume when the woman is pregnant. They should also visit a nutritionist or dietician, for getting to know about their eating requirements. Also, if the woman has been diagnosed with the medical condition of gestational diabetes then the dieticians or nutritionists will help them by checking their daily routine of the sugar levels.

 One of the test diets for treating the condition of gestational diabetes is a balanced diet and also, it would be adding appropriate amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for maintaining the regular amount of blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels tend to spike if the carbohydrate-rich foods are not being properly managed throughout the day or if the sugar has been consumed too much. Nutritionists or dieticians, will make sure to help them to understand what amount of diet is suitable for gestational diabetes on the basis of blood sugar levels. In addition, they will also be telling the patient how much carbohydrates they should intake in their daily schedule.

There are some of the healthy carbohydrate foods which are useful for decreasing the blood sugar levels, they might would be:

Fruits which are containing low sugar:

Fruits such as guava, lemon, green apple and oranges are much helpful for boosting up the intake of Vitamin C and also, it can satisfy the requirement of a sweet tooth in a healthier way!

Green leafy vegetables and Legumes:

These can include vegetables such as lettuce, corn, peas, spinach, lentils or peas etc. In the diet chart for treating gestational diabetes,which has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels, it also helps to provide an essential amount of nutrition to them and their baby, which also needs for healthier development.

Brown rice:

The main substitute for white rice is brown rice, which does contain a slight amount of lower glycaemic index and it has more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than white rice.

Whole grains:

In the diet plan, by including foods which are rich in whole grain cereals such as, quinoa, millet, sorghum, barley and oats, which are rich in high fibres and have a lower amount of glycaemic index. They do help reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and also, it supports healthy bowel movements.


Olive oil:

It is high in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. If Olive Oil is used in a limited amount then, the medical research shows that it has many of the health benefits which includes,n reducing chronic inflammation which has been associated with obesity and type-2 diabetes.


Nuts such as peanuts, almonds and walnuts are being used for providing essential amounts of proteins and fats, which do help in boosting up heart health. They have been called the best snacks for gestational diabetes patients as they do contain high amounts of proteins, healthier fats and fibres.


The other fruit which has been having all the essential amount of vitamins and are higher in healthier fats, which have been required for optimising health. This is a low-carb food containing a lower glycemic index and it is also known for making people feel fuller without consuming any unhealthy calories.


Seeds such as, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds or sunflower seeds also, play a vital role for treating the condition of gestational diabetes and do contain high amounts of healthier fats. They can be either roasted or also eaten in a raw form while they are feeling hungry. Apart from this, these seeds are high in Omega-3 and also, do help for increasing the metabolic rate.


During the pregnancy period, alcohol should be completely evicted. As such, a glass of wine does have the lowest amount of alcohol content, so, it does have the potential for causing congenital disabilities and birth defects in the unborn child so, it has to be avoided at any cost!

Processed foods:

Processed foods are the types of typical artificial sweetened salad dressings, packed fruit juices, flavoured yoghurt, sauces and breakfast cereals. These all are strictly not allowed in a diet for gestational diabetes because of the fat content and higher amount of sugar levels. On the other hand, they do not contain any amount of nutrition values. Possibly, a person should be consuming homemade foods such as, homemade curd, flavoured oats and fresh fruit juices in their diet plan. These amounts of foods will be helping them for providing nutrition which they need also, for maintaining the energy levels throughout the day.

Foods which are rich in starch and sugar:

These foods such as naans, pasta, potatoes, white bread, white rice and highly sugar containing fruits such as pineapple and apple and dry fruits. Also, the ripened bananas do contain higher amounts of glycaemic index, which results that they can higher up the blood sugar levels based on the amount they consume. Whereas, it can be completely avoided or they can be consumed in the lesser amount of quantity in the daily routine. Apart from this, one of the best solutions for satisfying the tummy without consuming these all, would be to consume brown rice instead of white rice, barley or chana roti instead of naans or consuming brown bread instead of white bread, these all can be helpful for reducing the weight as well as the blood sugar levels, as per medical research and theory.


Pregnant women are advised to eat at least 2-3 portions of protein-rich food in the daily routine. There are vital sources of protein which can be helpful for treating the condition of gestational diabetes, which do includes:

Soya chunks:

Soy does contain compounds such as flavones, which are helpful for reducing the risk ofheart conditions and diabetes.


They are not only low in calories whereas they are rich in iron and folate. Lentils are an excellent amount of protein-rich food which can be included in the diet plan and are much helpful for improving your heart health!

Dal sprouts:

It can include white chana sprouts and moong dal sprouts, these all are highly fibres and proteins.


Curds and yoghurt do contain a good amount of calcium and bacteria, which are essential for your gut health. Their function is for improving digestion and has been a good source of protein in diabetes.

Cottage cheese:

As we all know, Cottage cheese(Paneer) is a good source of calcium and protein. It is also used for losing weight. Eating around 200 grams of paneer in your diet can be helpful for reducing weight and also, for treating diabetes.

Not to consume

Soft drinks:

Soft drinks are quite refreshing and are tasty in the summers. They are high in sugar and also contain artificial flavours and preservatives. If you are having it, then you should stop consuming it. If you are tending to have any drink or something like that, then, instead of consuming Soft drinks or etc. You should opt for Lime juice(without sugar) , spiced buttermilk and coconut water. These all are helpful for the digestion process and also, will be helpful for keeping a check on the sugar levels.

Fried foods:

Fried foods are again highly contagious for gestational health, as they are oily and spicy which is not good for the health. Fried foods such as, samosas, potato chips, bhajiyas, pakodas, vadas, onion rings and wafers all should be avoided from your daily routine. Although butter and oil are highly saturated fats and also, it can increase the Lower-density Lipoprotein and Bad Cholesterol levels in the blood.


Gulabjamuns, Rabdi, Penda, Ice-creams, Rasgullas, Chocolates, Cakes and Halwas do contain a higher amount of sugar level. As such, it should be taken in a limited quantity or it should be completely restricted from your diet plan. It can also worsen the effects of the condition. There are sweet cravings for pregnant women who are pregnant, so for them one of the best solutions is to satisfy their sweet cravings. They should start drinking Green tea, Black tea, Chamomile tea and also, they can consume lime water too. These all are highly rich for losing your weight, maintaining your metabolic rate and also, helps to decrease your sugar levels.

Now let’s disucss what a pregnant women should do in their routine?


Pregnant women should ensure that they are sleeping about 7-8 hours in a day. As such, the medical studies and researches do state that there is a most important link between an increase in the blood sugar levels for gestational diabetic patients and a lack of sleep.


Having high blood glucose levels can be causing dehydration in the time period. However, drinking plenty of water at regular intervals would be helpful for removing excess amounts of glucose in the blood through the urine. As per the gestational diabetes chart, they should be
drinking around 2-2.5 litres of water in a day.


Women should be consuming their diet along with an addition of light exercises too. As per the medical research, 80% of diet and 20% of exercises do work for reducing your weight and diabetes too. By doing exercises such as, yoga, walking, pranayama and meditation do work as a vital aspect for losing weight and also, it helps for promoting digestion and metabolism. Exercises are not only helpful for reducing your weight but for reducing stress levels and making you feel energised too. As such, Exercises have been proven that they are beneficial for your health though before taking or doing any exercise you should consult your gynaecologist first!


Pregnant women should ensure that they are sleeping about 7-8 hours in a day. As such, the medical studies and researches do state that there is a most important link between an increase in the blood sugar levels for gestational diabetic patients and a lack of sleep.

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Diawhiz is an Indian Health Tech Company Which is Founded With a Motive to Control Diabetes in Multi Disciplinary Approach by a Team of Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Psychologists, Certified Dieticians, Fitness, Yoga Trainers and Counsellors .

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